What Does A Recruitment Agency Actually Do?


The recruitment process involves sourcing, interviewing, reference checking, matching candidates with clients (both in terms of the work culture and the specific requirements of the position, and finally selecting suitable candidates for a job vacancy.

The agency will then facilitate an interview with the client company seeking to fill the position. The agency will remain the point of contact between the client company and the candidates put forward for the position. 

Both clients and candidates are vital to the success of the recruitment agency, and therefore a long-lasting relationship of trust should exist, and be maintained between all parties.

In this case, it really is true to say that if an agency does what it is supposed to do, then everyone benefits:

  • The client gets a suitable candidate for the vacant position
  • The candidate is placed in an appropriate and satisfying position
  • The agency receives an appropriate fee for their work

This is all about partnerships and relationships. A client is more likely to continue to work with an agency with which it has developed deep relationships. This can only be achieved by the agency maintaining a high level of customer service, and submitting only pre-qualified and appropriately skilled candidates.

 The same thing applies to the candidate. A candidate is more likely to continue to use the agency with which it has developed a deep and trusting relationship. This can only be achieved by the agency maintaining a high level of customer service, and submitting resumes only to those clients suitable for the candidate, and honoring the candidate’s wishes in which employers to submit their resumes to.

The focus of recruitment agencies is often on the sourcing and placement of permanent , or part-time staff on behalf of the client. However, clients often require temporary staffing to fill short-term vacancies or seasonal or emergency positions. Although these positions may be short term and routine, the same processes and procedures should apply to the sourcing and selection of suitable candidates. In many cases these temporary positions can result in the candidate being offered a full time position with the client company. It is for this reason that the agency should be as diligent in sourcing and selecting a casual or temporary position as it would be in sourcing and selecting for a full-time position.

All Aspects Recruitment & HR Services provide all of the above services to clients seeking staff, or candidates seeking employment in both Darwin and Queensland.