The INPEX Gas Project

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INPEX has chosen Darwin as its preferred site for a gas processing facility to be constructed by the Joint Venture proponents INPEX and Total E&P Australia.

The project involves three key elements:

  • Development of the Ichthys gas field 850 km southwest of Darwin
  • Piping the gas onshore via a subsea pipeline
  • Processing gas and storing the LNG onshore for export.

As the largest single private sector investment ever made in the Northern Territory, the project will be a major driver for growth in the greater Darwin region.

What is LNG?

Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel. Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is odourless, colourless, non-corrosive and non-toxic. Therefore, LNG will not pollute land or water resources and is recognised worldwide as a "clean" fuel.

The onshore processing plant will convert the natural gas from the pipeline into LNG. The gas is liquefied, reducing itís volume and the cost of transporting it. At the other end of transport it is turned back into gas.

Proposed Facilities

The project requires a number of facilities both on and offshore, including:


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Blaydin Point is the proposed site for the gas processing plant and will include:
  • Gas receival point
  • Two trains producing 8.4 million tonnes a year of LNG
  • Storage for condensate, LPG and LNG
  • Accommodation and administration facilities
  • Utilities and services
  • Product loadout jetty


Coastal facilities will be required to allow the gas to be offloaded and exported by ship. These include harbour and offloading facilities.


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Ichthys is one of Australiaís largest undeveloped gas fields. It covers an area† of 80km2 and has estimated recoverable reserves of 12.8 trillion cubic feet of gas and 527 million barrels of condensate.

Offshore facilities include:

  • Offshore production facility
  • Offshore production, storage and offloading facilities
  • 885 kilometre (approx.) subsea pipeline to Blaydin Point, Darwin

Creating Jobs

The project is estimated to cost more than US$25 billion and directly employ more than 2000 people at the peak of construction and about 300 during its operational phase.

Life Of The Project

Once all relevant approvals and permits are gained from Government, and a Final Investment Decision is made by the Joint Venture, construction of the gas plant is proposed to begin in 2012.

Construction and commissioning would take up to five years.

To be commissioned in stages, the plantís first export is due in late 2016. The field has an expected life of 40 years.

The Joint Venture Team

The Joint Venture team is led by INPEX Corporation, a Japanese-based corporation with extensive oil and gas exploration and development experience gained over four decades. Operating in Australia since 1986, INPEX has acquired strategic interests in a range of successful projects, including Van Gogh and Ravensorth (Western Australia) and Darwin LNG.

For the Ichthys Project, INPEX as the operator has formed a joint venture partnership with Total E&P Australia, the fourth largest oil and gas company in the world.