Seeking Employment or a Career change? Seeking quality staff for your organisation?


We have clients currently seeking quality candidates for a variety of positions. Check our Jobs Board for the latest vacancies, where you can apply for any of the listed positions, or send us your resume for inclusion on our database.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our services and the candidates we put forward for your review. We have highly qualified candidates, seeking career opportunities.Their skills have been categorised, and references checked.

What Does A Recruitment Agency Actually Do?


The recruitment process involves sourcing, interviewing, reference checking, matching candidates with clients (both in terms of the work culture and the specific requirements of the position, and finally selecting suitable candidates for a job vacancy.

The agency will then facilitate an interview with the client company seeking to fill the position. The agency will remain the point of contact between the client company and the candidates put forward for the position. 

Both clients and candidates are vital to the success of the recruitment agency, and therefore a long-lasting relationship of trust should exist, and be maintained between all parties.

In this case, it really is true to say that if an agency does what it is supposed to do, then everyone benefits:

  • The client gets a suitable candidate for the vacant position
  • The candidate is placed in an appropriate and satisfying position
  • The agency receives an appropriate fee for their work


Making Agencies Work For You

Agencies are an incredibly effective method of locating your ideal job or of finding temporary work to help pay the bills while you/they are looking for your ideal job.

"But I don't like agencies....."

Many people refuse to use agencies because of a friends experience with a particular agency. Fine, then don't use that agency. But equally don't make all agencies out to be the same. Don't prejudice your chances of finding work because of one experience.

Have you ever owned a car that cost you money all the time?


Flexible Jobs For Mothers

 Congratulations! So you’ve decided to make a leap back into the workforce after having a baby (or two!).

Millions of mothers have known for years that you can manage the two and do it without being burnt out and without sacrificing quality time with your family.

In fact, most working mothers report that their life is much more rewarding because they have the best of both worlds. How do they do it?

If you want to get back into the workforce what you really need to do is find a good, flexible job that allows you to have time for your family and still bring in some extra money.


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