Mentoring Services

We are a culturally respectful organisation and will provide services that support diversity and assist in bringing out the best in the individual.

We support the Federal Government “Closing the Gap’ initiative and at every opportunity will assist companies, who want to increase their Indigenous workforce, working with them to mentor and support indigenous employees to ensure a smooth transition into the workforce.

Transitioning new employees into any organisation or new roles is sometimes difficult, but with the investment made by both the employer and the employee, it is worth taking the time to find solutions and identify opportunities. We provide the ‘third party’ who can assist where the problems or concerns of all parties can be discussed and positive solutions found.

When an employee is paired with someone who is knowledgeable and communicates well then their transition into positions runs smoothly. Too often employees are provided with a quick induction or manuals to read and left stumbling trying to find their way. This possibly cause frustration and injures their confidence before they even start.

How We Can Assist

While the paragraphs above are true for some employees, in terms of our Mentoring & Support services, All Aspects Recruitment & HR Services have a particular focus on Indigenous employees.

We have a commitment to, and a deep experience in this area. Some of our fundamental objectives ( re our Mission Statement), are:

  • To contribute, support  and be part of our community   
  • To Respect and understand the cultural values of our clients and candidates

We understand that barriers exist, which can obstruct entry to the workforce for indigenous employees, and our services in this area are intended to break these down.

What Exactly Are Our Services

Meaningful indigenous participation in the workforce is sometimes a complex issue, and the approach to dealing with it will change according to the particular requirements of clients and candidates.

Because of this, the very nature of our Mentoring Service is varied. In general terms though, All Aspects Recruitment & HR Services will provide support with clear statement of roles, responsibilities and limits to expectations for all involved.  Our services will include elements such as:

  • Providing work induction programs
  • Providing career advancement advice
  • Providing support services for returning staff
  • Providing on-going support for individuals and groups
  • Developing a concept of work-life balance
  • Facilitating access to external development and training services
  • Helping to stimulate employees, such that they can grow into the organisation
    • Building self-confidence
    • Promoting self-confidence

What Sectors We Focus On

We will provide Mentoring Service to both the Public and Private sectors. Since this is perhaps not a core function of either of these sectors, we believe that we can add value and permit our clients to focus on their core business.

As an independent organisation, we can manage all aspects of this most valuable service.

Benefits to the Organisation

These can include:

  • Better use of existing skills, development of additional competencies.
  • Improved attendance and improvement to productivity and quality work.
  • The identification and retention of talented staff
  • Happy staff and improve retention rates
  • Promotes the Organisation as a “Workplace of Choice”
  • Fewer turnovers of staff save training time and improve skill levels in your organisation.


Please contact All Aspects Recruitment & HR Services (Darwin & Queensland), for more information.