Relocating For Work

While this is NOT one of our core business functions, as a service to our clients and candidates, we can help coordinate with removal companies for relocations for permanent placements from both interstate and overseas.

We can help mitigate the stress and frustration of relocation, by assuming some responsibility, and being the on-site coordinator on behalf of our clients, thus removing the inefficient use of your resources, and permitting you to focus on your core business.

Depending on the circumstances, we may source the assistance of a professional Relocation Services company, or we may ourselves organise services such as:

Accommodation Search
We can arrange experienced professionals to assist in finding a new home for lease or purchase. We can informally discuss the pros and cons of various locations, and how the location impacts on the work and social environment.

Moving to a new location is generally a challenging, stressful and frustrating exercise, particularly if time is short and decisions have to be made quickly. We can provide an orientation tour, to understand the benefits, attractions, lifestyle and community of the new location. Again, depending on the circumstances, we can arrange for experienced professionals to assist in this.

We can arrange suggest a variety of removalists, and act as the focal point for communication. We can arrange for experienced professionals to assist in this depending on the requirements of our clients and candidates.