Scribing Services


Scribing is the recording of the proceedings of an event, (eg conference, workshops, meeting, seminar or interviews), and transcribing this into a report (generally in an electronic format (eg MS Word, Adobe PDF), which can be printed and presented to clients.

It is an accurate record which captures the events discussion, and is a neutral process which captures the depth of the discussions.


In Interviews

All Aspects Recruitment & HR Services scribes will streamline the time consuming and often tedious administrative and selection procedures by assisting (without directly involving themselves) in the decision-making process. Using a scribe will enable management to concentrate on the key issues during the interview process and will relieve them of the time-consuming process of report writing after the consultation stage.

This will contribute to the overall efficiency of the selection process by ensuring that the proceedings are recorded and presented in a professional and effective manner, leading to a speedy conclusion to the selection process within an appropriate time-line.

Depending on the requirements of the exercise, All Aspects Recruitment & HR Services scribes can be called on to support with:

  • Short listing of applications
  • Panel membership
  • Obtaining verbal referee comments and collating written referee reports
  • Preparation of individual and comparative selection reports as per department requirements