Outstanding Items On Website

  1. ✔ Do CSS to reduce the size of logo on front page
  2. ✔ Do the Employee Leave form
  3. ✔ Do the Employee Leave form Submissions
  4. ✔ Disable the sending of emails to Administrator when employee enters a leave application
  5. ✔ Check that the same is not happening for the entry of timesheets
  6. ✔ Create facility for the MYOB Timesheets download  (probably just use the submissions download and accountant can remove the superflous columns in the CSV file
    1. May need to fine-tune this one later.....  maybe select a range of dates?
  7. ✔ Fix the Navman vehicle map......   may need a new API from Navman  (this is marked as 'Done' because it is not now required)
  8. Set up the DropBox API and transfer all the "eDocument Management" documents to there (Dropbox)
    1. ensure that users know that if a document is deleted from the website, it will also be physically deleted from DropBox....  rather than Delete, they should simply UnPublish
  9. ✔ Get the ARI Data tables going.....  minor point since I dont think this is needed    (PROBABLY NOT..... )  (this is marked as 'Done' because it is not really relevant to the website.... just for me, the admin)
  10. ✔ Implement 2 Factor Authentication & Geo Blocking for improved security
    1. Need to let client management know the 2 Factor codes....  ask them for their preferences here



  1. The Top Menu banners of all pages.....  this was implemented at the insistence if ICG....  this is very non-standard and will pose maintenance issues  - although these do look good, there is far too much stuffing around to implement if any minor changes are requred (eg adding a new menu item etc)
  2. The Front Page Testimonials scroller has a similar maintenance issue.......    this will be too much for ACDC staff to maintain, and the result will probably be that they will have very outdated testimonials on the front page... not a good look in my opinion.....  much better to have used the component testimonials slider ----  although this does not look quite as good, there is zero maintenance required

Preparation For GoLive

  1. Switch the EWAY Payment plugin to Production status, and ensure that ACDC do a little payment test
  2. Ensure that ACDC sign off on the site acceptance form on Mobiusmbl website - as with all developments, nothing to go live without client signoff
  3. Change the site Administrator email address to ACDC Admin (for notifications / timesheets / forms etc..etc)
  4. Delete all UnPublished items (menus / articles...  leave modules & plugins
  5. Check that AdminTools security is OK
  6. Get rid of IP Logger ---  no real need for it, and it will just take up too much database storage
  7. Check MBLDev database for any mobiusmbl stuff (email addresses etc) and delete where appropriate
  8. Ensure all software and components / modules / plugins are up-to-date
  9. Backup current MBLDev site
  10. Backup current Production site
  11. Remove current Production site
  12. Create new database on Production site (drop all tables in current Production database
  13. Update Production site to PHP 7.1
  14. Restore MBLDev to Production host
  15. Delete ALL the current test Testimonials (RSM Component)....  (Should get some real ones fro Kathy / Allan..... an empty Testionial page will present a bad image)
  16. Delete All Testimonials (NON RSM), from the Front Page module
  17. Final check of everything
  18. Should be OK to Go Live now

Content Query

This simply avoids the need to go into the back end of the website to see the user details.

Registered Users Query

This simply avoids the need to go into the back end to see the user details.

The list is sorted by Last Visit Date, in descending order. It includes ALL users, both Activated and UnActivated

Unactivated Users Query

This simply avoids the need to go into the back end to see the user details.

The list displays those users who have registered for an ID, but haven't activated it yet. The list is sorted by Registered Date, in descending order.

Ideally, the remainder of this page (below), should be blank, ie no unactivated users!

Registered users who have activated their account.

{arimodule id="331"}{/arimodule}




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