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Big thank you to All Aspects Manager, Leah, who despite my lack of training and transport, was able to put me into quality employment, that was tailored to my needs, promptly and efficiently. I haven't had a lot of great experience with employment agencies in the past , feeling like I am just a number, not a person however Leah really went above and above and once employed kept regular contact to see how I was doing and if there was anything she could do, she really set a great example for all other staff, and other recruitment agencies everywhere. Highly recommended, ask for Leah and she will get you a job you really want.

Positives: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Date of Posting: 04 October 2021
Posted By: Jesse G
My name is William Bouwer. I was made redundant during the peak Covid crises and was struggling to find employment.
It is quite disheartening to be constantly knocked back when looking for work.
The Staff at All Aspects Recruitment had gone above and beyond to help get me interviews and after a very short time with All Aspects, full time employment.
Great advice regarding self-selling points to resume presentation.
Even better were the phone calls simply to see how I was. Leah, Dawn and Janine, I thank you for your assistance in gaining employment.
Date of Posting: 20 September 2021
Posted By: William Bouwer
Thankyou so much Leah for your awesome support. She took my interview for this role and provided me prompt replies whenever I had any query. Thanks Leah.
Date of Posting: 11 August 2021
Posted By: Mamta Jaspreet Kaur
Judicial and other legal professionals, Nightcliff
Annette is one of the best HR professional I came across in my career. When I moved to Australia from Middle East, she offered me lot of support and assistance in finding me a job. Eventhough I didn’t end up with a job through her, I greatly recommend her service, passion and for her compassion towards job seekers. If you are in need, feel free to approach her or the recruitment agency. They are the best in market.
Date of Posting: 15 March 2021
Posted By: Paulvin Mathew
Asset integrity officer at Orica, Newcastle
Kerry gave me hope during when times were uncertain.

During the beginning of COVID-19 Kerry gave me hope from her encouragement during my application trial for a traineeship in Business Administration. Not only did Kerry encourage me in words of affirmation concerning how my personality (and mannerisms) will increase my chance of employment, but Kerry also provided me her hospitality when I first met her for my first interview (which I needed to calm my nerves).

Kerry is an excellent communicator, and she will always inform you of any updates concerning your process with your employment on time; while maintaining your emotional stamina. You will always feel welcomed with Kerry without any fear of judgement as Kerry is an approachable, professional, kind and friendly manager who will provide you with words of wisdom so that you may succeed in a world of endless opportunity.

Kerry has bought me to where I am now; undertaking a Traineeship in Business Administration studying my Cert IV.

And even though I am secured safely with my employment, Kerry still lets me know that she is able to provide me ongoing support.
Date of Posting: 07 January 2021
Posted By: Luke Davis
Extraverted, coffee drinker and open minded., Darwin, Northern Territory
I have spoken with Kerry on numerous occasions in relation to the position I applied for. She could not have been more helpful, advising me how to update my Resume, supporting me through the phone interviews and answering my numerous questions as the position was in a remote part of Australia.

Kerry has gone above her duties to assist me and at all times has treated me with so much kindness and respect.
I would like to thank Kerry for all she has done for me and Janine also for her assistance and kindness also.
Date of Posting: 01 April 2020
Posted By: Jacqueline Inches
Northern Territory
Okay we started to try to get to Darwin now on 3 years sailing our girl "Spirit of Sherry" catamaran from Mangles Bay in Rockingham. After 3 attempts over 3 years we had the right weather and time frame. Magical couple of months in our dream bucket list location the Kimberly. Finally sailing into Darwin into Fannie Bay was surreal with nothing but welcoming with people so friendly, lifestyle so relaxed. Work opportunities mystically opened up the moment I sent out our resumes but not the way I expected. Sent to numerous angencies, but the only one that stood out was "All Aspects Recruitment", the only agency that treats you not like a number, but really listen and understand candidates experience and expectations. These 2 women Janine the director and Kerry their Business Development Manager are a dynamic, informative team and know their stuff. With also a warming welcoming as I got to work in the agency for a couple of weeks helping out. I really enjoyed my time there and getting a better understanding of Darwin and all it has to offer. They aren't just a recruitment agency but also mentoring people in all aspects of employment and helping in areas that only promote getting the job. So happy to have had the opportunity, had a few giggles along the way and learnt more on recruitment in 2019 in Darwin. A big thankyou to you both and sure I will see you guys again after our remote field work job.
Date of Posting: 21 August 2019
Posted By: Marcia Stephens
Yachties changing destination to Darwin, Darwin
Kerry and Janine know their stuff. They helped me navigate the recruitment process after taking a year off. I am grateful for their professional, timely support and smiles. It's great to re-enter the workforce with a supportive management team.
Date of Posting: 12 July 2019
Posted By: Lucy Rakete
Temp at PWC, Darwin
I became involved with All Aspects whilst applying for a Job as a Gardener at the Adelaide River War Cemetery. A job I have been wanting for a long time. I am a Horticulturist and love my gardening and I reside in Adelaide River. Local employment is very difficult.
I was informed of the vacancy at the War Cemetery by my neighbour and I quickly searched the job on line. It was approximately 7pm when I rang All Aspects and I just wanted to leave a message to say I was very keen to apply and will talk more the next day. However, regardless of the late hour of the phone call Kerry answered the phone and we proceeded to process my application. I could not believe how helpful she was and to continue working in the evening and from her mobile phone at home. Not many people will do this! I was very impressed and very happy that I got my application in.
After several weeks the position I was applying for had been approved and Kerry made it clear to me that the enrolment forms for a Government position needs to be very accurate. So, I decided to go into Darwin and sit down with Kerry to complete the application form. To do it right the first time. I sat with Kerry for about 1 hour and we successfully completed the application form and I am glad I did it with Kerry. Kerry made the task easy as her experience made it easier because she knew the process.
This was done approximately 3 months ago. Since then and since being employed by All Aspects. My pays, my pay slips has been accurate and on time.
All Aspects/Darwin office/ Kerry Weisshaupt has answered all my questions and concerns in a timely manner and with a good cheerful attitude. I wished all employers had her attitude. I am so happy to have been involved. Dealing with All Aspects has been like a breathe of fresh air compared to others I have been involved in. I now work in a very happy place and I am keen to show Kerry my great work on the Gardens at the Adelaide River War Cemetery. If she was to ask anything from me, I would be happy and willing to help her. I am so grateful for her assistance.
Yours Sincerely,
Robert Thorn
Date of Posting: 11 July 2019
Posted By: Robert Thorn
55yo Male., Adelaide River
“I will never forget the kindness that Kerry showed me that day over a month ago and I sincerely thank her for the opportunity that she gave me. I guess looking

back I was at a low personal ebb and what she did has had a huge beneficial effect on not only myself but also my family. All I can say is thank you from the

bottom of my heart for the kindness you showed me, it really gladdens my heart to realise there are people in this world who genuinely care."
Date of Posting: 21 June 2019
Posted By: Gem Limpin

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